Our Professional Fees

The fee for our expertise and service is determined by the scope of each assignment and the time we need to fulfill our role while meeting the high standards our clients expect. The scope of our services is determined and managed in collaboration with our clients in order to facilitate prompt, efficient and accurate results. Our professional fees are independent of our findings and are always market competitive for the services provided.

Quotes about us from our clients:

"You are extremely credible. You clearly impressed the judge who referenced your testimony multiple times in his opinion."

—Lead Defense Counsel for Large Insurance Company

"I really appreciate how you treated our insured, who is fragile and demanding. She made a point to praise your attentiveness and fairness."

—Special Investigator for Large Insurance Company

"It's troubling that the insured's accountants had such inflated expectations. They didn't do their homework. Thanks to your good work, our insured concurs with our position."

—Complex Claims Examiner for Large Insurance Company

"I appreciate knowing that you're not only competent, but tell the truth."

—Claims Team Manager Large Insurance Company