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Credibility is earned. It takes time, patience and consistency.
In the Accounting profession especially, it means doing your research, telling the truth,
being transparent, communicating effectively and remaining professional.

Who Hires Us

    Our services are most often sought by insurance companies and their counsel, self-insured organizations, and plaintiffs' or defendants' counsel in civil court. They seek independent, objective and accurate analyses of the causes, circumstances and financial impact of a particular event or scheme. Specifically, they seek our experience in these areas:

  • Business Interruption
  • Economic Loss Analysis
  • Faithful Performance / Fiduciary Duty
  • Fidelity / Crime
  • Financial Condition / Motive
  • Inventory and Contents Loss
  • Third-Party Liability

Why They Hire Us

Our clients value their credibility as much if not more than any other trait or asset in their portfolio. It's why they are so successful at resolving claims and disputes, and it's why they hire us. They know from experience that we will preserve and may even at times enhance their credibility by providing thoughtful answers to what are often complex financial questions.  They know from experience that our answers are grounded in verifiable facts and sound logic, are presented clearly and convincingly, and stand up to scrutiny. 

As a result, our clients' risk assessments are thoroughly executed. Their claims decisions prevent the perpetuation of fraud, and settlement offers are well informed and conceived. Claimants and policyholders are  treated fairly, and contractual obligations are met with less time and effort