How We Deliver

Knight Forensic Accounting, Inc. is a team of professionals helping clients across the United States for over 25 yearsresolve complex claims and litigation. Clients like working with us because we do the fundamentals extremely well and we only do the work that needs to be done. In addition, they appreciate the unique experience-based insights we bring them that come from our work across 28 industries. Our three-step process is:

1. Planning

We work with you and your team to set a reasonable budget, action plan and time frame to resolve the claim.

2. Investigating

We find relevant information by conducting interviews, reviewing documentation and performing other related research. Then we prepare a comprehensive financial analysis to develop a clear, complete and insightful picture of the loss and how it happened.

3. Reporting

To conclude, we provide a succinct, tailored summary that describes the scope of our investigation, findings, professional opinions and conclusions.  When matters are litigated, we offer expert testimony at depositions and at trial.

Quotes about us from our clients:

"You are extremely credible. You clearly impressed the judge who referenced your testimony multiple times in his opinion."

—Lead Defense Counsel for Large Insurance Company

"I really appreciate how you treated our insured, who is fragile and demanding. She made a point to praise your attentiveness and fairness."

—Special Investigator for Large Insurance Company

"It's troubling that the insured's accountants had such inflated expectations. They didn't do their homework. Thanks to your good work, our insured concurs with our position."

—Complex Claims Examiner for Large Insurance Company

"I appreciate knowing that you're not only competent, but tell the truth."

—Claims Team Manager Large Insurance Company